Disability Vehicles: A Guide


Physical limitations doesn’t mean collective disability. Maybe, but people still go round their daily activities. Technology has proven over time to provide independence for everyone to run their day-to-day jobs. Unlike the old days, those with physical limitations are not limited by technology. As you may know, a birth defect or an accident can totally restrict one’s mobility. They end up being confined to a wheelchair. A wheelchair is only suitable in moving around the house and when it comes to longer distances or outdoor travels it becomes less effective. This doesn’t mean that the physical disabled persons cannot go beyond places that their wheelchairs can’t reach.

At some point, they are required to travel outdoors in a vehicle. They therefore need to take their wheelchairs with them.

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is the best option. These vehicles are designed in such a way that they can safely transport persons with physical limitations together with their wheelchairs. Several automobile manufacturers are developing vans with special features to try and increase convenience to physically handicapped individuals.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are designed in two ways. Those that allow the disabled ride as a passenger and those that let them take control as the driver. The number of passengers they can accommodate at a time also differs. Either wheelchair ramps or lifts are fitted to these vehicles. Some will have both. Ramps can be operated manually or automatically in those fitted with a motor. The ramps can be in-floor or foldout. In-floor ramps take a lot of space reducing headroom space. You may also read more about disability vehicle at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheelchair_accessible_van.

Physical limitations if not birth defect come unexpected. Sometimes your budget may not allow you to have a new vehicle with the characteristics highlighted. Hopefully if you have a minivan, you can make it wheelchair accessible. Implementation of adaptive equipment can redesign the vehicle with features like side entry and rear entry. Once you decide what qualities your vehicle needs to match your preference, you may want to choose a manufacturer. Major car manufacturers offer amazing deals to persons with disabilities and therefore there is little to worry about. Do due diligence to read the best reviews and testimonials.

Consider the type of wheelchair at this homepage being used. Whether it’s manual or electric powered. Give the manufacturer the correct dimensions of the wheelchair or ask them to do so. If it is an electric powered wheelchair, it is high since the motor is placed below the seat. There can be a challenge with the headroom space. The company will take care of this by either lowering the floor or raising the roof.


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